Why we choose Coconut Wax

Choosing the right fragrance for you!

We believe we have a responsibility to the planet so that os why we chose to make ByAshley wax melts using coconut wax.

Wax Melts can set a mood, lift your spirits and even help you relax. But the wax in your melts can have a great impact on both the environment and your health. We hear a lot about clean burning waxes but of all the eco-friendly waxes out there, coconut tops the list.

Here’s why ByAshley choose to use coconut wax:

Coconut wax is one of the cleanest burning waxes out there, so you never have to feel guilty about lighting it and enjoying its rich scent.

Plus, this wax is naturally creamy white and beautiful, making it more of a luxurious wax.

Its long lasting

Some wax melts / Candles burn out almost as quickly as they’re lit. But coconut wax burns slowly, cleanly and smoothly.

Coconut wax burns 10-15% longer to be exact.
Coconut wax tolerates both short burns and long burns well.

Enviromentally friendly

Coconuts are sustainable and environmentally friendly. They don’t require fertilizer or pesticides, and they are harvested by hand. They are grown carefully and responsibly by small independent farmers.

Better scent throw

Compared to most other wax, coconut wax has a better scent throw. This means that you can enjoy strong scented wax melts with an aroma that lingers long after it’s melted. But it’s not just the hot throw that impresses; coconut wax also has an excellent cold throw. When you open our little black box to smell a coconut wax melt, the scent will be almost exactly the same as when it’s lit. When lit, ByAshley coconut wax melts can easily fill a room with a luxurious scent.

Overall Coconut wax melts offer many benefits. They’re better for the environment and your health. They burn longer, and they have an excellent scent throw.

All of our products are Eco, Vegan, Child & Pet Friendly, Cruelty & Plastic Free

All of our fragrances are free from nasty toxins such as phthalates and parabens.

We Love Eco Friendly!

Where elegance is a standard

How to use our wax melts

By Ashley wax melts are very easy to use and have a great scent throw, all you need to use is a melt & warmer. You can get a vast range of Melt warmers that come in all shapes, designs and colours, there’s also a choice between tea light candle warmers and electric warmers.


Choosing the right fragrance for your home is something that requires thought and consideration to pick a scent that represents you and your home. The right home fragrance has the power to evoke memories, set the scene or create a warm and inviting ambience in your home.

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ByAshleys aim is to provide beautiful fragrance that has the power to evoke memories, set the scene or create a warm and inviting ambience in your home. ByAshley wants everyone to love our luxurious wax melts and are delighted to offer our Iconic Collection to retailers.